Resent assignments will need to be relaunched by students for grades to sync properly.

When a new assignment is created in our application, it will need to be resent to your school portal course.

  1. Go to the My Active Courses page of your Dashboard.
  2. Click on View Sections for the course you wish to integrate.
  3. Choose the section you wish to integrate.Colorful buttons should appear at the bottom of that section.
  4. Click on the Integrations button for that section. d3756f676d44f8c3f99481e14cd7523e.PNG
  5. From the Assignments tab, scroll down and find the assignment you would like to resend.
  6. Click the Resend button. 


  7. A modal will appear with the following message. 


  8. Type resend in the input box and then click the Resend now button.

The assignment will be recreated in your school portal course.

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