Instructors have the ability to create Manually Graded Assignments. 

A manually graded assignment will automatically create a column for the assignment in the gradebook. Once the assignment is graded, the grade will autopopulate the gradebook.

Create a Manually Graded Assignment

  1. From within the course, navigate to the location in which you want to add the assignment.
  2. Below the Assignments and Resources banner, click Add an assignment or resource.
    • Select Manually Graded Assignment.
  3. Under General, enter an Assignment Name. The name will become the column header in the gradebook.
    • Optional Enter a Description (or Instruction)
      • Enter a Description of the assignment or Instruction in the Description field (shown in yellow below).
      • Want the description visible to students? Check the Display description on course page box.
    • Optional:  Upload Additional Files
      • Drag/Drop files into the dotted field.
      • Students can download any included files.
  4. Availability:  Toggle needed fields to On and set dates.
    • Allow submissions from = Opening date/time; first time students can access the assignment
    • Due date = On-time submission
    • Cut-off date = Last date/time on which submissions will be accepted
    • See What is the point of the "Due Date"? for more detail.
  5. Submission Type
    • Select how you want students' work to be submitted. Choose Online text (typed in response), File Submissions (student uploads file), or both.
    • It is recommended to keep the rest of the options set at the defaults shown above.
    • Optional:  Choose specific file types to be accepted if desired (ex: Excel files).
    • See Submission Types for more detail.
  6. Feedback Types:  This setting allows instructors to provide feedback on students' submissions.
    • Most common/recommended settings are shown below.
    • Comment inline, if set to Yes, will allow you to annotate directly on a student's submitted work.
    • See Feedback Types for more detail.
  7. Submission Settings
    • Common settings are shown below (Maximum attempts varies). 
      • To see details about each option, click the associated "?" button.
    • If Attempts reopened is set to Manually, you will be able to allow students to resubmit responses on an as-needed basis.
  8. Grade Settings
    • Set overall point value for the assignment under Grade / Maximum grade.
    • If utilizing Grade Categories in your gradebook, select the appropriate Grade category.
    • If Attempts reopened (above) is set to Automatically until pass, enter a Grade to Pass under Grade Settings.
    • Recommended to keep all other settings at the Defaults shown below.
  9. Save and return to course.