PLEASE READ FIRST: You will need these steps completed prior to integrating.

  1. Request a Key and Secret. Please submit a ticket with your Blackboard server's hostname (must be public). We will respond with your key and secret.
  2. Create a new Learn User. The Rest API requires that you assign a Learn user to the Application. This user requires no permission or entitlements. See below Managing REST Integrations in Learn for more information.
  3. Click here to download and complete the steps in the Blackboard Learn Admin Integration Guide.

A message to Administrators and Security and Permissions using Rest and LTI

  • myBusinessCourse is using Blackboard Learn's newest standards-based integration frameworksLTI and REST
  • myBusinessCourse supports Blackboard Rest API integrations for all versions of Blackboard Learn above 3200.7.  This new approach may not be familiar to Blackboard administrators that are used to the proprietary Building Blocks framework.
  • myBusinessCourse employs OAuth 2 (Three-Legged). This is most secure method available in Blackboard Learn. This method prevents broad access to any course on the system and inherently limits access to the end-user's Blackboard Learn account entitlements.

Additional Resources

For information about REST APIs and Three-Legged OAuth:

If you require a security review prior to integrating, please submit a ticket with the information you are requesting.