There are many different ways to add an existing LTI link to your course. This tutorial gives two common methods: Adding a link within a content module, and adding it as a Quicklink (located in the WYSIWYG editor).

Option 1: Adding a link within a content module

  1. In your course content area, create a new module or go into an existing module where you wish to add an LTI link. Then click on "Add Existing Activities" and select "External Learning Tools" from the menu. 
  2. A list of available External Learning Tool links will appear. Select the item you wish to add to the module from the list.
  3. The selected link will then be added to the module outline. 
  4. The content will then display on the course page when students click on the link. 

Option 2: Adding an LTI link as a Quicklink

  1. In any html editor screen (this example case is a description), click on the quick link button (the chain link icon).
  2. From the list of link types, select "External Learning Tools." 
  3. Select the item that you want to add from the list of available External Learning Tool links. 
  4. Click the Update button
  5. The selected link will be added to the content area.

Associate with a Grade book Column

  1. To set up a grade book column for a test or quiz, first find the item in your course content and click on it to view. 
  2. Scroll and locate "Assessment" under the "Activity Details" header. Click on "Add a grade item." 
  3. Click the + button to create a new Grade Item.