• Instructor must have your course integrated.

  • My grades are not syncing to my school's LMS, what do I do?

    For your grades to sync to the LMS, your accounts must be integrated. This can be done by selecting any assignment or resource link within your school’s LMS. Once you do this, your accounts will be integrated, and your grades should automatically sync with the gradebook.

    Please also see our integration user guide: Enrolling through Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, or Sakai
  • When I select an assignment link in my LMS, I receive an error. What should I do?

    Please check to see if you receive this error when clicking on all assignment links or just certain ones. Please let your instructor know of the issue and inform them if it is one link or all the links. They can contact us if they need any further assistance.

  • If my instructor has given me extra time or an additional attempt on an assignment, how should I access it?

    If there is a user override in place for an assignment, we recommend you log in directly to our platform to access the assignment. This can help prevent any issues you may have.

  • I purchased a subscription and but when I use a link in my school’s LMS, I no longer have access, what do I do?

    There is a chance you have duplicate accounts. Please reach out to our Support Team to try and resolve this: New Support Ticket