Building Auto Graded Assignments using your course's Question Banks is as EASY!  

Templates take the time and guess-work out of settings, and ensure consistency across like assignments. 

The Assignment Builder makes adding questions a SNAP!

If you prefer to see the process in video format, click here: How to build an auto graded assignment

Create an Auto Graded Assignment

  1. From your Dashboard, click Go to Course.
  2. Click Course Content from the left-hand menu to expand.
    • Click on the needed Chapter/Module.
  3. Click Add an assignment or resource.
  4. Select Auto Graded Assignment.

Assignment Settings

  1. Enter the Assignment Name.
    • NOTE: The assignment name becomes the column header in the Gradebook, so include identifying reference (ex: Ch 4 Homework).
  2. Click to select a Template
    • Click on a Template to see the Description.
  3. Click Continue to timing.


  1. Leave Submission Options at the default setting. 
  2. Toggle the Opening and Closing date/time fields to ON and set as needed.
    • Opening Date/Time - When students first get access to the questions.
    • Closing Date/Time - Due DateToggle Time Limit to ON, if applicable, and set as needed.
    • Real Time, running clock (cannot be stopped or paused).
    • Best used in testing situations.
  3. Click Save & Continue to Questions.

Assignment Builder

  1. Use the filters on the left panel to Select a Question Bank and filter to what is needed.
    • Questions from different Question Banks can be mixed and matched on a single assignment.
  2. Select desired questions.
    • Click to check and add multiple questions at once.  Click Add Questions.
    • Or, click on a question to add individually or preview before selecting.
  3. Choose whether to add the Static version (text version) of selected question(s), or an Algorithmic version (when available).
  4. Click Add Questions.
    • Same Algorithmic question = Data set differs from text version; all students receive same data set.
    • Different variations = Data sets vary among students
  5. Selected Questions will appear on the right-hand panel at a default value of 10 points each.
    To change, click Set Points to reveal a pop-up window.
    • To set the Overall point value for the assignment, select entire assignment.
    • To set points for all questions to a specified value, select each question.
    • Enter the value in the designated field. Click Set Points.
    • To manually distribute points, click in points field and enter new value.
    • Click Save & Exit.

Additional Resources

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