Student Handouts are unique to each Section of the Course. 

If setting up your Course with multiple sections, you will have multiple Student Handouts for the term.

If integrating with a third-party LMS (ex: Canvas/Blackboard), wait until the integration is complete to access the Handout as student instruction will change.

  • Student Handouts are unique to each Section of the course.
  • If integrating, print or download Student Handout after integration is complete.

If you prefer to see the process in video format, click here: How to download your Student Handout

The best way to provide enrollment information to students is via the Student Handout. 

The handout includes their Section's Enrollment Link (the starting point for students) as well as other important and helpful information and linked resources.

Accessing the Student Handout

  1. Click Manage Sections for the associated Course from the Dashboard or Course Home page.
    • From the Dashboard.
    • From the Course Home Page (access from either the menu panel or button on the home page)
  2. Click the purple Student Handout button for the Section.
  3. Print or Download for distribution.
    • SAMPLE Student Handout. DO NOT use for your class.
    • Course Access Options may differ from what is shown.
  4. Repeat for any additional Sections of the course.