Please note: If you copied a previous Blackboard course, make sure you have removed all MBC links in your new Blackboard course before integrating.

  1. From the Homepage of your course, click the Add a menu item button (see image) and select Tool Link.
  2. Use MBC for the name, under type choose myBusinesscourse, make available to users, and click submit. (DO NOT name the link myBusinesscourse, this will interfere with the pairing.)If myBusinesscourse is not listed, please contact your administrator to have them install the application or start a ticket

  3. The myBusinessCourse tool link will now be displayed. Click the myBusinessCourse tool link to start the integration.

  4. Once myBusinessCourse loads, select a course(see screenshot below)

  5. You will be prompted to select a section and confirm the integration. If all the information looks correct click the Yes, Integrate Nowbutton (see screenshot below)

  6. If the integration is successful, a green checkmark will appear. The integration is now complete(see screenshot below)

  7. From your Blackboard course, click on the myBusinessCourse content areain your side navigation (see screenshot below)

  8. You will see two folders, Resources, and Assignments, that will contain your myBusinessCourse content(see screenshot below)