Get a quick visual of your students' grades as a whole and by Section, see which classes may be at risk, and use the shortcut for easy access to the gradebook.

Widgets appear on the Course Home Page.

To access a Course's Home Page, click Go to Course from the main Dashboard, or Course Home on the Course Navigation Menu.

Grades Widget

View the class average at a glance.

  • Average shown by Course as a whole, and by Section.
    • Green indicates a passing average (not pictured).
    • Red indicates a failing average.  
    • Use the Gear icon to turn color-coding On/Off.

Customize the Grades Widget

  • Use the 6-dot icon to drag/drop the widget to the preferred position.
  • Use the corner tab to resize vertically or horizontally.

Shortcut to Gradebook

  • Hover over Course Average to reveal a shortcut to the Gradebook.