In order not to penalize individual students or Section(s) of students for assignments not required them, Gradebook modifications can be made.

Example 1:  A separate exam is used as a make-up

  • Exclude original exam from students taking the make up exam
  • Exclude the make up exam from students taking the original exam

Example 2:  An assignment is required of one Section and not another (i.e., two exams, one for each Section)

If it is to be an ungraded assignment for ALL students, you can Set Points to 0.

If it is not required of ANY students, you can Set Points to 0 and Hide and/or Turn Off the assignment.

Exclude Assignment from Grade Calculation via Gradebook Modification

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook. By default you should be on the View and Grader Report tabs.
    Click the Pencil icon to the right of the column header for the assignment to be excluded
    (Example: We want to exclude the grade for Ch2 Quiz MWF from the overall grade calculations of students in the Tu/Th Section).

  2. Use the Separate sections drop-down menu to select the group for which the assignment does not apply.

    Click Exclued All if grade is to be excluded for ALL students in the Section OR check boxes if exclusion only applies to specific students.


  3. Continue.

  4. Repeat as needed to exclude grades from chosen assignments from calculating into grades for selected students or sections. (In our example, repeat for Ch 2 Quiz Tu/Th and exclude students in the MWF Section.)

When you return to the Gradebook's Grader Report, excluded grades are indicated in Red.