PLEASE READ: Integration Best Practices

  • If you copied a previous D2L course, make sure you have removed all MBC assignment links in your new D2L course before integrating.
  • Any assignment setting changes (number of attempts, open/close dates, etc.) should be made in myBusinessCourse, as these will carry over to D2L.
  • Any gradebook setting changes (weights, dropping, etc.) should be made in D2L.

  1. From an existing module (create one if you do not have one yet), click the Existing Activities button and select External Learning Tools link (see screenshots below).

  2. Select the myBusinessCourse LTI Link (see screenshots below).

  3. Click the myBusinessCourse LTI Link (see screenshots below).

  4. Once myBusinessCourse loads, select a course (see screenshot below)

  5. You will be prompted to select a section and confirm the integration. If all the information looks correct click the Yes, Integrate Now button (see screenshot below)

  6. D2L will ask you to authorize the myBusinessCourse App. Click the Accept button (see screenshot below)

  7. If the integration was successful, a green checkmark will appear. (see screenshot below)

  8. From your D2L course, click on the myBusinessCourse module in your side navigation (see screenshot below)

  9. You will see two sub-modules, Assignments and Resources, that will contain your myBusinessCourse content (see screenshot below)