It may take a while for the copy to process. You are not required to stay on the page or stay logged in.
Be sure to set your assignment dates for the copied course.

You can copy previous courses of the same edition for use in a new term. A course copy will contain all assignments and resources included in the original course.

For instructions to obtain a copy of a colleague's course, see Copy Another Instructor's Course.

If you prefer to see the process in video format, click here: How to copy a course

Copy Your Course

  1. Click Copy Course.
  2. Enter the Course Name and select the Academic Term from the drop-down menu (or check Enter a term an type in the term/year).
    • If your account is associated with more than one school, select the associated institution from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under Copy From an Active Course, use the drop-down menu to select the course to be copied. 
    • If you are copying a course from the current term and would like to retain any due dates set in the original course, check the Retain Due Dates? box.
  4. Select the Number of Sections for this term. 
    • Keep students organized if teaching more than one group of students in the same course / same term.
    • Allows for assignment dates to differ among sections.
    • Assignments can be turned on/off by section if needed.
    • All sections have access to all course content.
  5. Enter the Section Name.
  6. Enter the Section End Date (end of term).
  7. Click Create Course.