For any situations not listed here, contact support.


A common issue is letters and numbers that look similar. Notably, I, l, and 1.

  • Capital I as in India.
  • Lowercase l as in leopard. We do not use this letter in our codes.
  • The number 1. We do not use this number in our codes.

There may be other typos when typing in the access code found in your book.

Invalid Code

Another reason may be that you're trying to input a code that is not valid. Common examples are codes from other publishers and typos in the code.

If you're unsure about this code, reach out to our support team.

Duplicate Account or Another Account

Users may also have a duplicate account. If you receive a message that the access code is associated with another account, then check to make sure you are signed in to the correct account.

This message will also be present when using a used book's code, where the code has already been used by the previous owner.

Out of Uses

If you haven't purchased a new text you are not guaranteed a complimentary access code. 

If you have purchased a new text and the access code reads "Access code has run out of uses" after an attempt to use the code, then check to make sure you're logging into the right account (see Duplicate Account above). If you're still receiving this error, then please submit a ticket with the access code, so we can resolve this issue quickly.

For access codes inside printed textbooks, when contacting support, please provide the access code you tried entering by copying and pasting, along with a picture of the code from your book.

Incorrect Product: Book or Edition

If you see a message like the one above, then you're using a code from a book that's a different book entirely, or a separate edition. Make sure the code you're using is for the correct book and edition, otherwise the code will not work.

Incorrect Product Type

Some access codes are designed for use with different products. The main 2 types are eBooks and Courses. An access code meant for a course cannot be used on an eBook, and an access code for an eBook cannot be used on a course.

The most common cause for confusion are the codes found in printed textbooks. These codes are meant for course enrollment and cannot be used on an eBook.

If you have any questions on this, reach out to our support team.

Custom Book

Custom book codes can only be used for custom courses. If you are experiencing issues applying your code, contact our support team.

Preparatory or Tutorial Courses

Access codes found in printed textbooks, or created with the purchase of an eBook subscription, cannot be used to enroll in your tutorial or preparatory courses. In most cases, you'll need to purchase a separate subscription for the tutorial or preparatory course since standalone titles are not typically associated with these smaller, shorter courses.