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Questions may be previewed by selecting either the magnifying glass or the Preview button next to the question. This feature is available for the question Results and the questions assigned. This feature also allows questions to be added during the preview.


Only available for previews from the Results list.

The Next and Previous button allow the user to preview the questions next to it.

Different Versions

Algorithmic Questions only

Available for algorithmic questions is the Show a different version button and an indicator to show whether or not the static version is currently displayed.

If an algorithmic version is being displayed, the Show static button will appear to switch back to the static version.

Report an Issue

Inside of the previews is a Report an issue button to quickly report any errors in the question. - Upon selecting this, a modal appears allowing a summary of the issue to be submitted.

Question Statistics

Inside of the preview is the Question Information which will show attempt statistics for that question.


Assignment Builder

Question Preview