NOTE: If Closing date/time is left unset, students will not be able to access the Right Answers (per preset Assignment Templates). The Closing date/time is what triggers the "Later" settings.

For consistency and to make things easier on you, we highly recommend using the preset assignment templates, or creating Custom Templates in lieu of Customized Settings.

If using customized settings, or creating your own template, you have control over the type of feedback students receive and when. These settings are found on the Review Options tab of the Settings screen when creating your assignment. Each column refers to a different point in time and the items selected will be available to the student.

Review Options

First, the column headers:
  • "During" refers to when students are working on the assignment .
  • "Immediately" refers to the review immediately upon submission until the student leaves the page.
  • "Later" refers to after the immediate period but before the due date/time.
  • "After" refers to after the due date/time

The Attempt

  • This is the actual assignment; students can see the questions.
  • The Attempt must be checked for the student to do the work (During) or to allow for review (Immediately, Later, After)

Whether Correct

  • Provides right/wrong indicators in the form of green checks and red X's for every response field.
  • Shows students where they went right or wrong.
  • If utilizing the Check feature and Whether Correct is selected, students will see check's and X's when clicking Check.

Marks (or Points)*

  • Provides a grade for the question and/or the assignment
  • If utilizing the Check feature and Marks is selected, students will see the grade (in points) earned on the question each time they click Check during the attempt .
  • If selected in the Immediately, Later, or After columns, students will see points earned per question as well as their overall grade (in points and percentage) upon Review of the submitted attempt.
    • If "The Attempt" is not also selected, students will see ONLY their grade but will not be able to review the assignment.

*If Marks is selected in the "After" column, grade will be visible upon the closing date/time set for the Section.

Specific Feedback

  • Not included

General Feedback

  • This is where most detailed feedback is contained.
  • Available for most all Static versions and some algorithmic versions (We're working on adding it to all!)
  • IMPORTANT to consider:  May include or lead to right answer(s)
  • NOTE: Feedback feature does not function During the assignment when using the Check Feature.

Right Answer

  • When selected, students can access the Right Answer for each response field.
  • Hover over the Check, X, or response field to reveal the correct answer.
  • NOTE: Right Answer feature does not function During the assignment when using the Check Feature.

Overall Feedback

  • Not included