The Display question resources setting allows a professor to enable which specific resources they would like their students to have access to during an attempt on an assignment or test. You may adjust this setting through the following steps:


1. Login to

2. Select Go to Course.

3. Select Edit to the right of the assignment or test.

4. Select Show assignment settings.

5. Click on the Layout tab.



You will see the Display question resources setting as the last setting on this page. To adjust this setting, you will either need to select Customized settings on the left-side of the page or you may select Manage Assignment Templates at the bottom of the page to adjust this setting for one of the assignment templates.


If you select Manage Assignment Templates, you will adjust the setting through the following steps:


1. Select Edit to the right of assignment template.

2. Click on the Layout tab.

3. Make changes and select Save Changes.