The LockDown Browser cannot be used with an open-book assessment. 

If Students will be required to access any web pages outside of the exam, URLs will need to be added under Advanced Settings to allow access.

The LockDown Browser can be used to prohibit students from navigating outside of the assignment for which it is required. 

Below instructs how to access and set the LockDown Browser.  Please refer to the LockDown Browser section of the User Guide for more information and detailed articles.

LockDown Browser

To Access The LockDown Browser

Click Course Settings on the lefthand Menu panel.  

  • Select LockDown Browser.
  • The righthand column will indicate if the Broswer is required for the assignment.


To Require the LockDown Browser

1.   Click the Down arrow to the left of the assignment.

  • Select Settings.

2.   Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

  • Optional:  Click Advanced Settings to view/select detailed settings options.

 3.   Click Save + Close.