Easily access your course's Question Bank from the Course Settings menu to view available questions. Your course will contain several categories of auto-graded questions that can be used on all types of assignments.

For instruction to assign auto-graded questions, see Create an Auto-Graded Assignment.

Accessing the Question Bank

1.  Click Course Settings on the lefthand Menu panel.  

  • Select Question Bank.

2.   Select a Question Bank to view from the Question Bank dropdown menu.

  • Filter by Chapters/Modules.
    • Filtered questions will appear in the center panel.
  • Click a question to expand.
    • Select Preview.


Question Preview

  • Use the Previous/Next button to scroll through the question bank.
  • Details Panel
    • View Sitewide Averages of student performance on the question across the platform.
    • View the number of assignments on which the question has appeared across the platform.
  • Click Show a different version to scroll through Algorigthmic versions (if available)