Be sure to carefully read any instructions included in a question (or part thereof) so you don't leave points on the table!

Specific instructions will be included within a question when a response needs to be entered in a particular way. This is most often the case with the use of negatives, when rounding may be an issue, or if an answer may be N/A or 0

If the specified instruction is not followed, the response(s) will be graded as incorrect.

Empty Answers / Zeros

Sometimes you may have an answer field where an answer doesn't apply. For example, in a journal entry, there may be "extra" response fields. If a response is required to get credit, there will be instructions included in the question to direct you on how to input your answer. Most often you will be instructed to enter N/A or a zero (0) as applicable.
Below is an example of instruction related to Empty Answers and Zeros.

In the example above, if a line item or amount did not require an answer (i.e., did not apply), and the fields were left empty/unanswered, the "non-response(s)" would be graded as incorrect.  Responses of N/A and 0 would be graded as correct.