Question Pooling allows you to select a specified number of questions from a major category such as a specific chapter/module. In some cases, you may be able to pool from a specific question type within a chapter/module (ex: Multiple Choice).

At this time, you cannot create your own pooling parameters.

Question Pooling

With Question Pooling, students will not receive the same set of questions. For example, if Chapter 4 includes 40 questions and you pool 5 questions from Chapter 4 on an assignment, each student will receive a random set of 5 questions from the 40 available in the chapter.

First, Create an Auto Graded Assignment

To begin, follow the steps to create an auto graded assignment (condensed below):

  1. From within the course, click Add an assignment or resource. Select Auto Graded Assignment.
  2. On the Settings screen, name the assignment, select a Template, then Continue to Timing.
  3. Set your Timing parameters. Save and Continue to Questions.

Then, Select Questions Using the Pooling Method

NOTE: Not all questions need to be pooled. You can also select individual questions as needed. Instruction for adding question Pools follows, beginning on the assignment's Questions screen.

  1. Select the desired Question Bank from the Question Bank filter (ex: Homework).
    Filter to view needed chapter/module.
  2. Click on the category header from which you want to pool (ex: Chapter 04) and select Add a Random Question.
  3. Enter the number of random questions to be added to the assignment from that category (ex: 5 questions from Chapter 4).

    Click Add random question. Each student will receive the selected number of randomly drawn questions from all available questions in the pool category.
  4. Repeat as needed.
    Pooled questions are identified on the right-hand panel of the Questions screen by the Dice icon and include the category and Question Bank from which they were drawn (ex: Chapter 04 / Homework).

  5. Once all desired questions have been added to the assignment, Set Points and/or select the Shuffle option as applicable. Save & Exit.