Open the Assignment

  1. Navigate to the assignment and select Attempt Assignment Now.

  2. Once you reach an Integrated Excel question, select Open question in Excel for the web.

  3. You’ll notice that the Excel question opens in full screen. If you would like to exit the full screen view, you can follow one of the suggestions below.

    - Click the Escape (ESC) button on your keyboard.
    - Hover your cursor towards the top of the screen and click on the X.

  4. If it is your first time, read the Before You Begin instructions that are provided in the pop-up message in the Excel question.

  5. If you do not see the myBusinessCourse panel on the right side of your screen (#1 in image below), select the myBusinessCourse icon (#2 in image below) to open the panel.

    A screenshot of a computer 
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    For more information on the myBusinessCourse panel, see the following guide: myBusinessCourse Panel

Graded Cell Types and Behavior

NOTE: Excel tutorial videos are available for you in your instructor’s course. To access them, go to Course Content and select Excel Basics and Time Value of Money in Excel.

There are two types of graded cells: Normal Graded Cells and Drop-down Graded Cells.
  • Normal Graded Cells require you to enter a formula (#3 in image below). 
  • Drop-down Graded Cells require you to select an answer from a drop-down list (#4 in image below).

A screenshot of a computer 
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For more information on how the different graded cells behave, see the following guide: Graded Cell Behavior

Check My Work Feature

 NOTE: Your instructor will need to enable this feature for it to be available.

The Check My Work feature allows you to check your work throughout your attempt and receive immediate feedback. If the feature is enabled, you can select Check My Work in the myBusinessCourse panel to check your answers. Correct answers will be highlighted in green and incorrect answers will be highlighted in red.

For more information on the Check My Work feature, see the following guide: Check My Work

Save and Submit

NOTE: Your answers will auto-save every time you make a change in the Excel questions.

Once your work is complete, follow the steps below to save and submit. 

  1. Select the Save and Return to Assignment button.

  2. Once you are finished with all questions in the assignment, select Finish Attempt.

    NOTE: Do not be concerned if an Integrated Excel question shows as “Not Complete”. You will still receive credit if you have entered the correct formulas.

  3. Select Submit all and finish.

For more information on submissions, see the following guide: Submit an Assignment

Review an Attempt

NOTE: Review settings are determined by your instructor, and availability of the review options will be based on these settings.

To review your attempt and any feedback enabled by your instructor, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the assignment and select the assignment name
  2. Select Review.

For more information on reviewing an attempt, see the following guide: Review Attempt

Need assistance?

If you have any questions about the content within an Integrated Excel question, please contact your instructor. If an error is found, your instructor can report it to us to be reviewed further. 

If you have any technical issues, please contact our myBusinessCourse support.