The myBusinessCourse panel contains the functions needed for completing an Excel question.

Open or Close the Panel

The myBusinessCourse panel should open automatically.

If you do not see the myBusinessCourse panel on the right side of your screen (#1 in image below), select the myBusinessCourse icon (#2 in image below) to open the panel.

A screenshot of a computer 
Description automatically generated

To close the panel, click on the X in the top right corner. 

NOTE: The myBusinessCourse panel must be open to exit the question.

Additional Settings

At the top of the myBusinessCourse panel, you will have access to two buttons.

  • Clicking the question mark button will open the introduction up for the current view. If you would like a refresher on the entire add-in, you may select Retake Introduction in the pop-up. 
  • Clicking the wrench button will open the Taskpane Settings where you can configure the add-in to your liking with the available settings.

Taskpane Settings

Within the Taskpane Settings, you will see the following setting options.

  • The Workbook Gridlines option allows you to turn on/off the gridlines on the workbook. 
  • The Check My Work Quick Continue Working option allows you to continue working on your attempt without requiring you to select “Continue Working” after checking your work. 

NOTE: Your instructor will need to enable the Check My Work feature for it to be available.