• The Check My Work feature must be set by your instructor, and the availability of the Check My Work button will be based on these settings. 
  • See myBusinessCourse Panel for additional setting options in Integrated Excel.

The Check My Work button can be found in the myBusinessCourse panel on the right-hand side.

NOTE: The system will autofill zeros for any blank normal graded answer cell. 

Feedback Types 

There are two colors that appear when using the Check My Work feature: Correct answers and Incorrect answers.

  • Correct answers turn green
  • Incorrect answers turn red


You may receive feedback regarding answers in the form of notices in the myBusinessCourse panel.  

  • If you do not enter a formula for a normal graded cell, a notice will appear showing all cells that require a formula answer.  When you click the cell reference, it will take you to the corresponding cell within the workbook.

  • If you do not select a drop-down answer for a drop-down graded cell, you may receive a notice at the top of the myBusinessCourse panel. When clicked, it will take you to the first uncompleted answer within the workbook.

Continue Working

After clicking Check My Work, you will see the Result section in the myBusinessCourse panel. You can click the number of incorrect answers to navigate to the first incorrect answer cell.

TIP: If answers build on one another, start with fixing your first wrong answer and check your work again. The initial fix may correct subsequent answers.

If you would like to change your answers, you must click the Continue Working button in the myBusinessCourse panel.