You have control over how your questions interact with students within an assignment. You may control this aspect of an assignment on the Edit settings page within Behavior.

Adaptive mode (no penalties): This allows students to use the "Check" button to check their work for accuracy after the complete attempt of each question within the assignment. This also allows students to have multiple attempts at the question (without any point deductions) before moving on to the next question.

Recommended for homework and practice!

  • Deferred feedback: Students must enter an answer to each question and then submit the entire assignment before anything is graded or they get any feedback.

Recommended for assignments, exams, and assessments!

  • Immediate feedback: The student can submit each individual question during the assignment attempt, and get it graded. However, they can only submit one response, and cannot change it, unless you allow a redo within an attempt.
  • Interactive with multiple tries: After submitting one answer, and reading the feedback, the student has to click a Try again button before they can try a new response. They can be given hints to help them. Once the student has got the question right, they can no longer change their response. Once the student has got the question wrong too many times, they are just graded wrong, or partially correct, and get shown the feedback and can no longer change their answer. There can be different feedback after each try the student makes.