If Open or Close Dates are not set, the assignment is OPEN.  When an assignment is open, students can access the questions.

You can easily add or modify the Opening and Closing dates/times for existing assignments from a single, convenient screen. This is especially helpful after copying a course for use in a new term.

If you prefer to see the process in video format, click here:  How to Update Assignment Dates

Add or Modify Assignment Dates

  1. From the Instructor dashboard, click Manage Sections for the associated course.
  2. Click the Assignment Dates button for the needed Section.
  3. Scroll to the assignment. Toggle Date/Time fields to ON.
    • Set or revise the date/time to Open the assignment.
    • Set or revise the date/time to Close the assignment.
  4. Repeat for other assignments as needed.
  5. Save Changes (bottom of page).