This is recommended for instructors with LTI 1.1 integrated courses.

Course must be integrated.

The Make available option will hide an assignment if going to an assignment directly from our platform. The only way to access an assignment with this option turned on will be to go through your school's LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc.).

From the course page, use the following steps to turn on the make available but not show on course page option for an assignment.

  1. Select the module that the assignment is in from the menu on the left. Example: Chapter 1
  2. Select Edit to the right of the assignment.
  3. Click Hide from the drop-down menu.
  4. Again, select Edit to the right of the assignment.
  5. Click Make available from the drop-down menu.

The assignment should now have Available but not shown on course page below its name.

To turn this option off, follow the same steps. You will see a Make unavailable option instead, but can select the Show option to also turn the Hide option off.

Additional Information

The hide feature will make the assignment unavailable from both the school's LMS and our platform.