You can easily copy an existing assignment within the same Chapter/Module, into another Chapter/Module, or into another course within the same textbook/edition.  You can use the copied assignment as-is, or modify it as needed.

Example: Create an ungraded practice version of a graded assignment or exam.

Example: Copy an assignment into a different version of the course.

From the Instructor Dashboard, click Go to Course, then follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Locate the Assignment's Copy Code

  1. Click Course Content on the menu panel.
  2. Click on the needed Chapter/Module to navigate to the assignment.

  3. Click Edit for the assignment to be copied.
  4. Select Copy Assignment.
  5. Click the Copy to Clipboard icon to copy the assignment's Copy Code.

STEP 2: Apply the Assignment's Copy Code to Create a Copy

  1. Navigate to the Course and Chapter/Module where you would like to place the copy.
  2. Click Add an assignment or resource.
  3. Paste the Assignment's Copy Code into the provided field (see below).
  4. Click Copy Assignment.
  5. To modify the copied assignment's name, click the pencil icon (or Edit / Edit Settings).
  6. Select Save Changes.

STEP 3 (Optional): Modify the Copied Assignment

To modify the copied assignment, navigate to the assignment within the Course and click Edit.

  1. Select Edit Settings to modify the assignment Name or Template.
  2. Select Edit Timing to set the Timing parameters for the copied assignment.
  3. Select Edit Questions to add/delete Questions, or to modify question or assignment Point Value.