• You will need to know which LTI version you integrated with. If you are not sure, please reach out to us or your LMS administrator.
  • You OR your students may receive these errors.
  • You need to integrate a new course on our platform with a new LMS course every semester and re-embed your assignment links.
  • Role: Instructor

If you or your students are receiving an error when selecting an assignment or resource link, keep in mind if you copied a previous LMS (Canvas/Blackboard/D2L/Moodle) course from a previous term. For example, you copied your Fall 2022 Canvas course for your Spring 2023 Canvas course. 

If you did copy a previous course in your LMS, make sure you have removed all assignment links in your new LMS course before integrating and embedding assignment links from your new course. If you do not remove these old links, you and your students will receive an error message when you select the links. 

If you did not copy a previous course in your LMS and you or your students are receiving an error, please contact us to investigate further.