If the creator of the Notification deletes or modifies a notification, it will be deleted or modified for all recipients.
This is a one-way messaging system.
Students can opt-in or opt-out of Notifications.
Students can only sent notifications to their instructors.

Instructors have the ability to post a Notification by course, section, or individual student.
Indication of a Notification received will appear on the Bell icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Sending a Notification

  1. On the Instructor dashboard, click Notifications on the left menu panel.
  2. Click Post Notification.
  3. Use the Select Courses drop-down menu to select the course(s). Drill down the list of recipients as needed.
    • Use the Select Sections drop-down menu to narrow recipients down by section(s).
    • Use the Select Recipients drop-down menu to send Notifications to selected student(s).
  4. Enter the Subject in the designated field and type the Notification in the Message field.
  5. Click Post Notification.
Below is an example of a student receiving a Notification from their instructor:

Viewing a Received Notification

Incoming Notifications are indicated with the number of new Notifications next to the Bell icon in the top/right corner of any screen. 

To View, click the Bell icon.

  • Click on the Notification to view.
  • Or click on View all notifications to see all notifications.

Edit or Delete a Notification

To Edit a Notification that you have sent, go to the Notifications screen.
  • Click the Pencil/Paper icon.
  • Save Changes.

To Delete a Notification (sent or received), go to the Notifications screen.
  1. Click the Trash Can icon.
  2. Confirm or Cancel the deletion.
    IMPORTANT: If you were the original sender of the Notification, it will also be deleted for ALL recipients.