Hidden texts will not show on the Dashboard, but can always be unhidden.

Keep your Dashboard view clean by hiding old editions or texts you no longer use. This action can always be reversed.

Hide a Text from View

  1. Locate text on the Dashboard and click the vertical ellipsis. Select Hide.
  2. Type hide in the designated field. Click Hide Now.

The hidden text will no longer appear on the Dashboard.

See or Reveal Hidden Texts

  1. On the Dashboard and click Show Hidden (upper/right of screen).

    All hidden books will be appear on the Dashboard but will be marked as Hidden.
  2. To unhide a previously hidden text, click the vertical ellipsis. Select Show.
  3. Rehide all texts marked as Hidden by clicking Hide Hidden at the top/right of the screen.

    You will now be returned to your regular Dashboard view showing only unhidden texts.